Cliquish™ Presents: The Ultimate Braunch Party

The Ultimate Braunch Party is in celebration of the online platform launch for Cliquish®️.

About this Event

What’s better than brunch OR a launch? Both of them together and what we're now deeming a braunch! Grab your admission to The Ultimate Braunch Party in celebration of the online platform launch for Cliquish®️!

Join us at Chicago’s EvolveHer for networking, fun photo activations + rooms, beautiful cocktails, delicious brunch, a Cliquish® swag shop and more! We’ll also be launching our ShowCast “When Being Cliquish®️ is Good”, featuring a live taping and interview with Cliquish’s Founder Taylar Barrington-Booker and the show host Alle Pierce. Plus, be the FIRST to see and explore our new platform and to hear about how you can get involved in our next big project!

Your General Admission Includes:

  • One Free Month Of Cliquish Membership
  • Heavy Brunch Hors d'oeuvres, Sweets And Cocktail Beverages
  • Access To The Live Taping With Cliquish’s Founder
  • Photo Experiences And Activations
  • Entry Into A Drawing For A Seven-Day Pass To EvolveHer
  • First Look And Access To Cliquish’s New Online Platform

Your Vip Admission Includes Everything Above, Plus:

  • A VIP Gift Box Valued At $100+
  • Priority Seating For The Live Taping
  • An Intimate VIP Breakfast And Q&A With Cliquish’s Founder
  • Entry Into A Drawing For One Month’s Pass To EvolveHer

Cliquish® is an inclusive destination for women content creators who want to learn how to improve their content creation efforts or amplify their existing ones - by mastering the balance between creativity and business fundamentals. Founded in 2018, Cliquish® launched as a solution to the entrepreneurial development of women content creators, bloggers and vloggers. The brand has impacted more than 10,000 content creators globally as it continues to streamline educational efforts.

Cliquish® offers its community expert-led digital classrooms, live learning and social events, national conferences, peer-to-peer interviews, and an overall movement for the new wave of digital women leaders.

We don’t mean to brag but, #CliquishIsGood.

Taylar earned her first $14 by conceptualizing, building, and working her own lemonade stand at just eight years old. It was then that both the marketer and the entrepreneur within Taylar was ignited.

With more than a decade of marketing experience under her belt, Taylar’s ability to create high-level strategy, branding assets and measurable tactics for corporations led her to formerly work with companies including Hyatt, Nielsen, Samsung, Verizon and Kraft Foods. In addition to entrepreneurship and corporate positions, Taylar has also worked as a high school special needs educator. In this role, she honed invaluable skills like community building and effective teaching practices.

From her unique insight into brand marketing, her experience as a teacher, and love for community building,Taylar was inspired to create and launch Cliquish® in 2018. Cliquish is a mission-driven company that teaches the business of content creation to more than 10,000 women content creators across the globe.

Today, Taylar can be found creating strategy for Cliquish's business development, working with her team, rolling up her sleeves to lead a panel or a workshop for content creators, or exploring her next big adventure with her husband, James. Her vision matches her work ethic as a trailblazer in marketing, and she believes wholeheartedly in the development of women and the cultivation of inclusive communities where those women can thrive.

Let’s face it, life’s already hard as hell. And trying doing it as a woman who wears many hats; entrepreneur, wife, mom, friend, can sometimes feel pretty daunting. And when you mix in the roller coaster ride that is building an online presence and community - yikes!

That’s why we aim to champion real conversations that foster community, friendship, and ultimately remind us that every woman should have her own clique. And by clique we don't mean the “you-cant-sit-with-us type”, but the kind that brings together like-minded women and builds up rather than tears down.

We want to give you a space to shape your mindset to be smarter in business, tougher on nonsense, kinder to yourself and the know-how to thrive on the interwebs of the wildly unknown. “When Being Cliquish Is Good” is more than a tagline at Cliquish®, it’s a mindset. The bottom line – a woman can thrive when she’s got herself a healthy, kickass community, and we’re bringing this message to you weekly.

In every episode, our host Alle Pierce grabs a glass of wine, cozies up in the cutest AirBnb and interviews some of the most inspiring women content creators from coast to coast. Get into our live ShowCast episodes on IGTV or stream each episode on all podcast streaming platforms.

Alle Pierce is an Emmy Award winning journalist who took her passion for travel and storytelling and turned it into her career. Before she was jet setting around the world, Alle worked as a TV anchor and entertainment reporter in Palm Springs, California. Now she’s taken her insights and industry experience and created her own colorful path.

Alle is a travel advisor, TV host, producer, videographer, and the content creator behind “Alle Abroad”. Alle helps women plan their next vacation with curated destination guides, and travel tips. With the help of her travel agent mom – Alle will soon be launching a series of female group travel trips.

When she’s not hopping on a flight you can find Alle cuddling with her four cats, eating her way through her hometown (Chicago), or listening to her favorite podcasts with a glass of red wine in one hand and a bag of skinny pop in the other.


EvolveHer is a beautiful 5,000 square foot loft located in Chicago's River North neighborhood. Our creative work & event space was designed to inspire creativity and foster collaboration amongst women. We create personalized connections and experiences to advance women in their career and life.