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The intersectional experience of Black women in business is often overlooked and undervalued. True equity and inclusion calls for women to unite across all industries to advocate, celebrate and support Black professional women at every level of their career. 

SEEN is an October virtual event & content series connecting Black women and allies across various industries with impactful programming curated to amplify Black professional’s voices, experiences and initiatives for change. 

What to expect


Join us in October every Thursday at 12pm for a virtual conversation with Black Female Executives, thought-leaders & rising stars who are creating impact within their companies & communities. 

Don't miss out on your chance to be part of the conversation -- SEEN attendees can submit questions before, during and after the event.

Meet our Speakers
SEEN Podcast


Change doesn't happen overnight and the BE SEEN podcast is connecting top disruptors & advocates to have candid conversations on how to create equitable solutions that drive real change.

Join the conversation as we get comfortable with getting uncomfortable, addressing some of the most important challenges that black women face today.

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Impact happens when likeminded voices unite, share resources and connect on a deeper level to implement change & progress. SEEN attendees will receive access to the BE SEEN Digital Kit and have the opportunity to build ongoing relationships within our private BE SEEN group and EvolveHer's community.



  • Access to (4) SEEN Power Panels
  • Access to live SEEN Keynote
  • Access To SEEN Resource Center
  • Access to BE SEEN podcast episodes 

If you are interested in applying for the SEEN Sister fellowship program, please email for more information.


  • Access to all BE SEEN PASS perks
  • Access to SEEN Keynote Q&A
  • EvolveHer Digital Membership (includes access to groups, resources, perks & VIP invites)
  • Invite to "BE SEEN" private group
  • Exclusive EvolveHer Voice Event Invites 

$25 per ticket
(early bird pricing valid thru 9/15)
Regular price: $30 per ticket

Taylor Shine

Taylor Shine

SEEN Visionary & Producer

Taylor Shine is a creative driven brand strategist with a passion for creating impactful experiences and solutions that drive value and purpose. With over 7 years of experience in marketing and events, Taylor helps EvolveHer and EvolveHer Voice reimagine live experiences through personalized strategy and authentic audience connection.