The Best of Instagram and How You Can Achieve It



Ever wonder how she edits her posts to make one gorgeously, cohesive feed filled with cotton candy skies and pastel hued backdrops?

Ever look at his video work and wonder how he achieved that effect, the movement, that layered effect?

Ever looked at anyone's feed and wondered how the heck they reached 1,000+ likes and what seems like a gazillion comments...and they do it consistently each and every day?

Frustrated? Bewildered? In awe? Inspired? It's okay to feel all those things and more. Today we will pull back the curtain and discuss the "best of instagram." From apps, to growth software, to editing tools, to best posting times, to comment pods, to giveaways. While this may be a layered conversation, we're happy to share the wealth and of course, a few opinions along the way. We wrap the session with a live Q+A and send you off with tips you can actually apply same day. Ready. Set. Post!


Goodie bags rewarded to the first 30 attendees to purchase tickets.

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