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#BossLad(ies) of the Week: Lori and Elise Lefcourt Q&A

Lori and Elise Lefcourt are two sisters from the Midwest that together created Unicreamer, an on-the-go vegan coffee creamer infused with five grams of plant based protein and coconut oil.

After cutting out animal protein in their lives for health and moral reasons, these two sisters were searching for an alternative that could fit into their hectic lives. After experimenting with pea protein in her drinks, Lori discovered the health benefits that came from this plant based alternative, and Unicreamer was born.

Unicreamer is made for the everyday woman who struggles with constant food cravings, a healthy work/life balance, and the aspirations to stay fit and energetic while cutting out animal protein. In addition to their mission to create a healthier lifestyle for others, Lori and Elise seek to provide sponsorship and funds to animal welfare programs throughout the country.  

These sisters have attested to the healing power of animals and believe it's our jobs to rescue and protect animals so they can in turn, rescue us.   

We love having Lori and Elise as two of our founding members here at EvolveHer and the mission of compassion they use as the guiding forces in their life and business.

At EvolveHer, collaboration is our second name, and that is why have a #BossLady with the same mindset as a partner is so fabulous.

Lori: Quirky, Creative, Driven

Elise: Optimistic, Loyal, Motivated




1. What is your morning routine?  (or, what gets you out of bed in the morning?)

 First, as corny as it sounds we have a major love sesh with our pups.  (nothing like fresh puppy breath in the morning). Lori meditates and reads while Elise will typically get in a morning workout. One thing we both have consistently done for years is make sure we get at least 30g of protein in, in the mornings, and this is where Unicreamer comes in handy! Then, right before we leave (embarrassingly enough) we’ll turn on some 2000’s rap and dance in the mirror.

 2. How do you stay motivated when you hit a speed bump or faced rejection during your journey?

It’s all about remembering the big picture and why we started the journey to begin with.  Running a start-up is full of constant hurdles being thrown our way, so we also try to celebrate small victories and set goals along the way to see how far we’ve really come.

 3. If you could share any wisdom with the EvolveHer community, what would it be?

 Execution and Failure.  Both are necessary for success. “Fail Forward.”

 4. How can we find you?

Instagram/Facebook: @unicreamer


The EvolveHer Team

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