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#BossLady of the Week: Alicia Driskill

As our 100 day anniversary quickly approaches, we’ve been contemplating the choices, events, and people in answer to the question, “how have you evolved in the past 100 days?” For all the members and staff at EvolveHer, one the people that is undoubtedly key to our growth and evolution is our very own founder and CEO Alicia Driskill.

Prior to launching EvolveHer almost 100 days ago, Alicia worked as Vice President of Global Partnerships at WME/IMG, one of the world’s most innovative companies. She also served as a Senior Executive at Live Nation and

In her roles here, Alicia has truly established herself as an advocate and champion of women. She worked on the founding team of Together Live Tour and led business development for Pearl xChange, a women’s empowerment event co-founded by Nicole Richey and Ramey Warren. All while serving as an active Luminary Member of Step Up, a non-profit organization that helps girls fulfill their potential.

Alicia’s passion and desire to bring women together through empowering collaboration, culminated in evolveHer which in the past has co-created the Have Her Back movement and coalition, inspired new generations of #LadyBosses with Girl Speak, joined the conversation around equal pay with Ladies Get Paid and so much more.

With Alicia as our radical and fearless leader, we at evolveHer cannot wait to see what the next 100 days hold, and the next 100, and the next 100...


At EvolveHer, collaboration is our second name. That is why having a #BossLady with the same mindset as a partner is so fabulous. Be sure to connect with Alicia.


Passionate, Inspiring, Empowering


1. What is your Proudest professional achievement?

Launching evolveHer is definitely my biggest accomplishment. Creating something in your career that not only actualizes your own vision but provides a platform for women to connect and collaborate is very fulfilling. So many women and men have reached out to share their support of a dedicated space that empowers the women of Chicago. I’m thrilled to bring this to the community.

2. What is your best professional advice?

Make bold decisions. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the “what if’s” and to over-analyze every detail, but most people don’t regret taking the big leaps—they typically regret waiting so long to do it!

3. What is the the most Chicago thing about you?

The Cubs! My husband is from St. Louis and is a huge Cardinals fan, so we have a little bit of a rivalry in our house.

4. What is your favorite spot for a Girls’ Night Out?

I love the back patio at RM Champagne Bar in the summer. It has a great vibe with a gorgeous, yet simple ambiance that’s perfect for cocktails with your girlfriends.

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The EvolveHer Team

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