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#BossLady of the Week: Ari Krzyzek

Ari Krzyzek (but you can call her Ari!) is the co-founder and creative director for Chykalophia (see-ka-lo-fia) where she implements branding strategies to provide distinctive designs to maximize brand impact for entrepreneurs and businesses. She ALSO founded and hosts the Creative Women’s Co., where she serves as a design consultant, mentor and professional peer in support of fellow female entrepreneurs.

Ari embraces and embodies the saying, “collaboration over competition” in her mentorship and partnership with other women. She says to not be afraid of collaborating and being friends with your competitor, to embrace the competition. Ari advises to “be a cheerleader for each other and collaborate.”

Collaboration and empowerment is what EvolveHer is all about, and we are so lucky to have a member like Ari that shares and exemplifies the same values.


Creative, Determined, Curious



1. What is your process for making a crucial business decision?

Hm...this is a tough one. Most of the time I do it based on my gut. But having a business partner also help. We often discuss any crucial business decision together, so hearing from both perspective, finding a few solutions, other alternative solutions together, and reviewing them together before making our final decision

2. How do you stay motivated when you hit a speed bump or faced rejection during your journey?

I let it out. I would talk to my husband who is also my business partner about how I feel and just let it out. It feels good sharing it to someone that I trust and know what or where I want to go in my path. Hearing other people’s perspective is also helpful and it keeps me motivated knowing that behind all the no’s there will be one, two, or three yeses. You just need to keep on going.

3. Finish this sentence: “The one thing I can’t live without is ______.”

Coconut water

4. How can we find you? Please list your Instagram handle, website, etc. so our members can find you!

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: @chykalophia

Personal speaker website:

Business website:


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