#BossLady of the Week: Bria Santiago

 We are so happy to welcome one of our newest members Bria Santiago. Bria is the founder of Redefined Core, a personal training service created with mothers in mind to provide prenatal and postpartum treatment with a holistic approach to fitness and whole-body solutions. Whether you have a home gym or no equipment, Redefined Core is dedicated to creating personalized in-house programs. Through their comprehensive coaching, they look to correct patterns that may be the cause of aches and pains so mothers not only feel confident but live confidently with their bodies.

We asked Bria a couple of questions to get to know her and her business better and it’s clear that her passion for healing extends not only to her business and her clients but all aspects of her life. Get to know her a little better below!

Curiosity & gratefulness are key values of EvolveHer and we are so lucky to have a member like Bria who shares and exemplifies the same values.

Ambition, Inquisitive, Grateful 



1. What is a lesson you wish you could teach your younger self? 

It’s okay to not have shit figured out. I was so obsessed with finding out what my ‘calling’ or passion was and it turned out I ended up pursuing something totally different. And that’s okay! People change and so do interests. So just go with it!

2. What three tools (apps, books, podcasts, etc.) would you recommend to anyone trying to start her own business? 

She Did it Her Way Podcast, You are a Badass by Jen Sincero & The Minimalists Podcast for a mental clarity check

3. Finish this sentence: “The one thing I can’t live without is ______.”

My Family! 

4. How can we find you? Please list your Instagram handle, website, etc. so our members can find you!

Instagram- Redefined_Core

www. Redefinedcore.com

Facebook- Redefined Core


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