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#LadyBoss Profile: Tammy Scarlett

Tammy works in women's empowerment as a Freedom Coach, teaching holistic wellness of both personal and business advancement. She received her BS in Business and Psychology, an MBA in Global Strategy, and has just completed her course program for her graduate degree in Anthropology from Harvard University. She runs a Seattle-based non-profit for global healing, which seeks to facilitate ways to engage individuals in solutions to heal the world.

For over ten years, she has worked in the finance industry as a Mortgage Broker of an all-women company in the Pacific Northwest, serving on both State and National boards, heading up local humanitarian efforts, and offering her "Financial Foundations for Life" curriculum as free education to the community.  Now she combines her education in Anthropology, Business, and Psychology with her experience in mortgage and coaching to bring a new approach to financial empowerment to lending.

Tammy has newly resided in Chicago with her partner where she facilitates home loans, does freedom coaching with groups and individuals, and is heading up a Chicago Real Estate Peer Consulting group for women, called RISE, focusing on business strategy, leadership in the industry, and giving back to the community.

Tammy is a great addition to the EvolveHer community. We asked her what a powerful message she strives to share through her work and personal life; Her response, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!  I love to see women truly realize their value, step fully into their potential, and come alive to heal both themselves and our world in the way that only they can.  I believe in abundance, that there is more than enough for you and for me.  That goes for an opportunity, relationships, money, happiness…  The question is, what makes your absolute most favorite YOU?”

At EvolveHer, collaboration is our second name, and that is why have a #BossLady with the same mindset as a partner is so fabulous.

Imaginative – Strategic - Determined


  1. When was a pivotal moment that someone advocated for your career?

When I was in undergrad, I worked part-time at the college.  I had the opportunity to run a couple of events on campus, and the Admissions department offered me a job.  It turns out my boss’s boss’s boss had a great career but had never completed her degree, so she valued talent and potential over credentials.  She ended up promoting me four times that year, and I ended up serving as Director of Admissions of the University when I was 21 and before I had graduated.  I ran multi-million dollar budgets, eight departments, and wrote scholarships for future students.  I had to give presentations weekly in front of rooms full of mostly men in their 50’s and 60’s.  It would have been intimidating to me, but she encouraged me to take the ball and run with it, to see how far I could go.  That experience changed me and allowed me to see the reality of what is possible when I shatter the glass ceiling of my belief in any circumstance.  Now every year, I take time to dream about what’s possible and challenge whatever my current glass ceiling might be.

  1. What is a lesson you wish you could teach your younger self?

If I could go back and have a conversation with my younger self, I would tell her she already has everything he needs to be her best and whole self for the rest of her time on this earth.  I’d tell her she’s okay.  She’s OKAY.  And to keep telling herself that if life tries to tell her otherwise.  I’d tell her that there are lots of standards society or people groups can come up with that will seem easy enough to adhere to so she can feel like she’s “made it,” but they’re smokescreens.  The real success is the truth inside her, and the beauty of the journey of her life is allowing it to unfold in the beautifully messy adventurous way that makes it her very own.  Oh yeah, and go ahead and kiss that boy.

  1. Where do you find your peace and balance?

I find much peace by pausing and being with myself, and much pausing and feeling the connectedness of us all, how loving and healing we are by nature, and how exponential our impact is when we come together with intention.  Taking time for meditation and being in nature are also key factors for peace and balance for me, especially being near the water.

  1. How can we find you? Please list your Instagram handle, website, etc. so our members can find you!

IG: @sunsets_and_skies



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