Brand Storytelling: Why Adding Your Story Will Draw In Your Audience


Stories draw people in.  They’re memorable, and we tell stories constantly throughout our lives. Stories help us understand, feel seen, learn new things and connect with other people.

We go to the movie theater to immerse ourselves in new stories.  We call our friends and tell them a story about a recent trip, that funny thing the baby said, or the amazing new dish we cooked.

Everyone loves a good story.  It’s why so much time is spent listening to podcasts, reading books and bingeing that new show on Netflix.


When it comes to your brand, why wouldn’t you tell your story?  Can you think of a better way to attract your audience?  The purpose of sharing your brand story as part of your business is to:

  • Set yourself apart and show your unique experience & approach

  • Connect with your audience and be memorable

  • Establish your know-like-trust factor to convert more customers

If you’ve found it hard to tell your story in the past, it may be because you feel like it’s icky or braggy to shine the spotlight on yourself.  Think of it this way - by sharing your story you’re serving your audience.  You’re choosing the relevant aspects of your story to share so your ideal clients will know you’re the best person to help them [insert what you do here].


Everything you do on social media, or your website, or in your emails is to connect with your audience.  You tell relevant stories there all the time whether they have to do with your results, client success stories, or how-to’s.  You’re attempting to deliver value and be memorable enough so your audience remembers you, recommends you and comes back again and again to buy from you.

When you tell your Brand Story to your audience, the benefits are clear…

When they see themselves in your story, they start to: LIKE YOU.

When they understand your reason for starting your business, your Why & Core Values, they start to: KNOW YOU.

When they see your experience & credibility in your field of expertise, they start to: TRUST YOU.

Your unique blend of passion, experience, education, results, and natural brilliance allows you to share your story and helps your audience understand you are the magic behind your brand.  And that helps differentiate you in your market.

Brand Storytelling Pin.png


I have an entire Brand Story Formula in The Brandpolish Academy, but let me give you the list of brand strategy elements you’ll need to know so you can tell your story successfully:

1 - Tagline / Hook - to draw your audience in right at the top of your story (often pulled from #2)

2 - Who your ideal client is: their challenges and goals

3 - Relevant info that boosts your credibility (education, experience, results, credibility: press/media/testimonials/reviews)

4 - Your bigger why

5 - Brand vision

6 - Core values and/or brand manifesto

7 - What sets you apart

8 - Words pulled directly out of the mouths of your ideal clients in terms of what they want to achieve


Want help pulling together your brand strategy elements so you can tell your story well?

Check out my Half-Day Brand Clarity Intensive where we build your entire brand strategy foundation together. Apply for a free brand consultation to see if it’s the right fit for you!


Hilary Hartling

After spending 15 years marketing movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Touchstone and Dreamworks, helping launch multi-million & billion-dollar franchises, and managing global brands with fiercely loyal fans, Hilary Hartling has a deep knowledge and innate skill in growing and leveraging strategic brands. Hilary made the leap from corporate to founding BRANDPOLISH CO. to apply her experience to help others create inspired brands with positive impact. She’s on a mission to help visionary entrepreneurs and business leaders move their audiences by refining their brands to create powerful engagement and intentional growth.