Ladies Get Paid: Map Your Career Panel

On the day after Equal Pay Day, the conversation around closing the wage gap continued at the Ladies Get Paid career mapping panel. The panel of speakers - including our very own Alicia Driskill - lead a discussion of strategies on how to create guidelines, identify skills to advance your career, how to ask for that raise and knowing how and when to change trajectories.


Questions from the audience were centered on a few of the frustrations we as professional women feel in the workplace, including when you know you are not getting paid as much as your co-workers, how to turn your passions into a career and the feeling that you are working harder than your male colleagues.

The frustration and anger working women often feel was addressed by our panelists, “your anger and feelings are valid”, said one of our panelists, “but nothing is solved by anger alone”, and that’s what bringing the women together last night was all about. Our panelists and audience were able to brainstorm strategies on how to turn this anger into tangible change through salary transparency, negotiating tactics and others.


Panelist Welu Aningo said it best last night, “slay your fears...wake up every morning and find what you’re afraid of and slay it.” We hope insight from last night’s panel gave all in attendance the inspiration to slay your fears because we can’t wait to see what happens when you do.


The EvolveHer Team