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#LadyBoss Profile: Sadie Bjornstad

We are so happy to share our #LadyBoss of the Week Sadie Bjornstad. Sadie is a Midwest-girl (grew up in Rockford), played volleyball at University of Delaware, and then moved back to Chicago after school and has lived here since.  After a brief stint of “not sure what she wants to do with her life” jobs, and going back to school for her MBA, she started in pharmaceutical advertising and has enjoyed a great career on the agency side ever since.  She was married for about 5 years, and when she got divorced she found the experience dark and isolating, even while going through the process amicably. She has since started a community, Exes Onward (XO), to connect women who are going through a transition in their relationship to mentors, resources and each other.

Join her on July 18th for an event that guides and connects you through and beyond the divorce process with curated resources and access to the XO community of experts, mentors, and other members. This will be an event like no other, and free to all! Enjoy drinks, nibbles, and be pampered, all while having the opportunity to connect with leading experts and women who can relate to you.


Empowerment & support women in all stages of their lives are key values of EvolveHer and we are so lucky to have a member like Sadie who shares and exemplifies the same values.

Positive, Active/Beachy, Intuitive   


  1. When was a pivotal moment that someone advocated for your career?

    Listening to a podcast on School of Greatness with Sarah Blakely (founder of Spanxx) when I was driving. I had almost like a “premonition” to find a way to connect women going through divorce. It was so profound, I decided to do it.

  2. What is a lesson you wish you could teach your younger self?

    Keep listening to that intuition and that gut, little one. It doesn’t fail you.

  3. If you could share any wisdom with the EvolveHer community, what would it be...

    Building something is scary, difficult, yet oh so inspiring and fun

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Insta: ExesOnward

Facebook: Exes Onward


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