#LadyBoss Profile: Alex Bodkin

Meet Alex Bodkin, a digital designer at legal software company, Smokeball. Alex by day manages Smokeball's digital prescence and branding and by night leads the Chicago chapter of Ladies, Wine & Design. A causal monthly meet-up for Chicago's creative women to wine, dine and connect, aimed to foster collaboration and support systems among the small percentage of women in creative industries. 
Empowerment & support women in all stages of their lives are key values of EvolveHer and we are so lucky to have a member like Alex who shares and exemplifies the same values.

Driven, Creative, Fiery  

1. How do you stay motivated when you hit a speed bump or faced rejection during your journey?
Music has always been a big motivator in my life, especially when I hit a creative roadblock. When something crappy happens in my day, I've got a playlist for that. When I'm feeling overwhelmed or stressed, I've got a playlist for that. I've found that music helps me escape and refreame my perspective, so I can focus on what I need to do next. 
2. What is a powerful message you personally strive to share through your work and life?
Collaboration over competition. That message has resonated with me throughout my whole creative career. The design industry is incredibly competitive; so much of getting work is based on evaluation portfolios and it becomes all too easy to start comparing your own work to your peers. Seeing as how women are greatly underrepresented in leadership positions within the creative industry, an overly competitive attitude only draws to hurt us. By focusing on a message of collaboration, and building relationships with those around us instead of tearing them down, a shift can and will happen rock this industry.
3. What is a lesson you wish you could teach your younger self?
Love yourself first. It's the only way you can love others!
4. What is your favorite hidden gem in Chicago?
The Blind Barber in Fulton Market
5. How can we find you?
Instagram & Twitter: @alenaee