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Alissa ReedMeet our Lady Boss of the week, Alissa Reed. She's a project manager at a telecommunications firm, a feminist freelance writer and a bartender on weekend nights. She believes in side hustles to make you stronger, creating equal pay and financial stability for women, and following your strengths to guide you through life.
 A few of Alissa's favorite things include: lavender essential oil, tequila neat with a
Alissa Reed-2 splash of lime juice, Rome, her cavapoo chino pup, and tulips. She's an extrovert, talker, feisty, and an empathetic soul. Travel, decorating her home space, and planning events are near and dear to her heart. She likes to give and receive the complete experience in everything she does. 
Alissa is an avid believer that self love and self care are the beginning of all healthy relationships and well beings. That being said, she spends her time listening to podcasts that enhance her knowledge, hanging out with her cavapoo chino, writing feminist articles, working out, self-reflecting, trying new restaurants, and trying new experiences! Over this past winter she started taking salsa classes. 
Favorite Quote(s):
“If it was meant for you it won’t miss you”
“either evolve or repeat.” 
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