#LadyBoss Profile: Katie Schuppler


#LadyBoss Profile_ Katie Schuppler


Meet Katie Schuppler, Founder and Personal Style Consultant of KS Style Consulting here in Chicago. Katie uses her unique vision to work with men and women of all ages and sizes to help with their style and personal image.

With services including...Closet Clean Outs, Clothing Donation and Consignment, Personal Shopping Trips, Look Books/Outfit Pairings, E-Styling, and Speaking engagements. She also is the woman behind The Freckled Stylist, a Beauty and Style Blog. 


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We love how Katie lives to make others feel beautiful and comfortable in the skin their in through her personal styling services and her bright and confident attitude. We can't wait for you to get to know her in this week's Lady Boss Profile. 


Driven, Compassionate, and Loyal


1. EvolveHer is all about inspiring creativity and fostering collaboration amongst women.  What is a powerful message you personally strive to share through your work and life?

Well, lately it has been a bit overused but something I have never stopped doing in my personal life and in business life is being supportive of other women and making connections whenever I can amongst each other. In my work life I hope to inspire confidence in each of my clients through clothing and how they dress. So many women give up if their body has changed, work attire has changed, or they just don’t have time to get inspired by fashion anymore and my job is to get them excited and feeling confident all while catering to any insecurites they have when getting dressed and putting an outfit together.

2. We all have mentors or someone who has influenced us. Who/what do you identify as your strongest source of inspiration?

My parents. I have a lot of women I admire locally and in the celebrity world, but personally the closest inspiration to me would be my Mom and Dad. My Dad is an entrepreneur who has been in business for decades and my Mom has been along side him for many of those years. They have each given me so much advice in business and in life and I look to them in the tough times because they always have come out on top and stronger than before with anything they tackle, proof that you can really do anything you set your mind to.

3. What influential woman would you have over for dinner, and what would you make them?

Kind of Cliché, but it would definitely be Beyonce and I would make her a vegan meal since we are both vegans

4. What is your favorite hidden gem in Chicago?

My favorite hidden gem in Chicago is a place I love taking my clients to shop at and that is Sara Jane in Old Town on Wells Street. She always has something for a wide range of ages and styles that anyone could find something they love at approachable price points!

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Website: www.FashionStylingChicago.com

Blog: www.KSFashionSpeak.com

Twitter: KS_StyleChicago

Instagram: @Ksstyleconsulting

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