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Meet this week’s Female Feature, Maya Bach. Through her health guidance company, Maya helps  people understand and take control of their eating habits so they can make decisions that reflect who they want to be. She works with women who may be struggling to find time to eat well, transitioning to a new job or who've been used to eating a certain way and may not be seeing the same results. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Maya’s recommendations are backed by science. Like most people, she values having a guide, someone who offers insight as well as a level of accountability, especially when starting something new. By partnering with people, they get the guidance and support that helps them see real results. Being there each step of the way is one of the many reasons why Maya loves what she does.


Since she’s only moved to Chicago five years ago, Maya is still discovering different parts of the city. In the warmer months, she'll explore a new neighborhood with her Aussiemix, Dexter, or go for a long bike ride with her husband. They both love sweet treats, particularly ice cream, so they'll plan to end our rides at a different shop in the city. When it cools down, you can find Maya taking a yoga class with a friend or making up a new recipe to share.



Favorite Quote:

"Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger."  


Maya’s  mom said this to her during a particularly difficult hike when she was younger. Although the flat trail would've been easier, her and her mother were rewarded with stunning views and Maya felt a sense of accomplishment. The saying stuck. Whether it was a difficult college class or moving to another city, whenever a challenge presented itself, she learned from it; She grew and became more resilient. When Maya lost a job that she loved, her foundation was shaken. It forced her to take a step back and evaluate next steps. The experience, while challenging in that moment, created space for her to build a business that she’s passionate about. Maya has also found this quote helpful for supporting her clients. She encourages them to welcome challenges, big or small, as opportunities to break old patterns and establish new habits, allowing them to experience positive change.



If you love Maya's mission as much as we do, check out her upcoming Winter Wellness event to start your New Year off right. Beginning with a 50-minute yoga flow led by EvolveHer's very own, Tasha Liberman, you'll experience an interactive cooking demo led by Monica and Maggie from Green Spoon Kitchen. To wrap the day up, there will be a mini meditation so you can head into the weekend feeling relaxed and refreshed. The event will be held at EvolveHer - 358 W. Ontario St. - from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. To learn more visit https://mayabach.com/events/2019/1/12/winter 


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Website: https://mayabach.com/

Instagram: @mayabach_rdn 



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