#LadyBoss Profile: Sahr Khan

We would like to welcome one of our newest members, Sahr Khan. This Lady Boss was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. She moved to the States as an international student where she attended Drew University in New Jersey. Sahr graduated in 2011 with a bachelors degree in Psychology and a minor in the Arabic Language. Post college, Sahr moved to Chicago and worked for a psychiatrist to explore what life would look like if she wanted to pursue her studies for her doctorate, but life had different plans for her.


While working she began freelancing as an event planner and where she took some fun projects such as a 500 person movie premiere at AMC RiverEast and an afterparty. She had always loved planning events but never thought this could be a career. After about a year and a half into working for the Psychiatrist, Sahr realized her real passion was creating unique and memorable experiences for people, and nothing gave her more joy than that! Sahr decided to make the change and landed a job at Macy's as a Special Events Coordinator. Now, 5 years later, she is the regional Special Events Manager leading a team of four organizing all events taking place in IL & WI.


This past summer, she started her side-hustle of event consulting, planning and styling, known today as Details for Days. Sahr prides herself by creating creative, memorable experiences for all her clients hoping to bridge the gap between what's daunting and do-able. 😉 With having traveled the world extensively and has once lived in four different countries (Pakistan - 19 years, USA, 11 years, Egypt - 7 months (study abroad) & Singapore, 3 months). She is known to have a very fresh and different perspective and says she draws a lot of inspiration for her events from her travels.


These days Sahr says that although she might not have to much free time these days, she loves spending time with her husband and pup (Milo, 2.5 years old golden retriever)! When she can, she loves to travel and hopes to go to Morocco & Spain next. Sahr loves to share new/unique spaces and experiences around the city via Instagram ( @detailsxdays ) with one of a kind aspects in the form of a visual story. As well as her NEW side hustle where she is creating choreographed Bollywood dances and offering them on Airbnb experiences! ( CLICK HERE TO SEE). She says that her aim with this experience is to open a dialogue and creating cultural awareness by doing something as fun as dancing!


We are so excited to have Sahr in our community!! Be sure to check her out and contact her for your upcoming events!


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Airbnb Experiences



"To see a world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour" - William Blake.

(Sahr described this poem as to how the beauty of the world is in the small/everyday details, which is precisely what she truly believes in.)