Strategies To Move Your Brand Forward, Ready Or Not

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If moving forward with your brand seems as scary and nerve-racking as Monica feels when someone doesn’t use a coaster on her coffee table, then let me give you some friendly advice…


You’ve most likely heard this before, but I’m here to remind you again - because we all keep forgetting this one - perfectionism will keep you stuck.  Trying to make everything perfect and flawless in your business leads to the land of zero income, or keeps your side hustle a side hustle for longer than you want.

I heard Amy Porterfield say recently that you should commit to doing B+ work.  For an A student, like I know you’re used to being, that can be a hard pill to swallow.  But, she’s right!  

If you’ve found yourself spinning in circles re-doing your mission, your tagline, your why, your colors, fonts or the look of your website, you’re trying to make it perfect without enough information (which is why you feel like you’re on that hamster wheel!)

The ONLY way to get more clarity on your brand is to start.  Put your brand, your message, your why, and your offers out into the world and see how your audience reacts.  That’s where all the good, juicy info comes from…your ideal clients!! You can only perfect something once you have information that can help you do so.  

I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO FAIL (not that you need it, but hey, trying to be helpful over here!)

To get out of your own way and start moving your business forward, pretend you’re in test mode.  Sometimes when we think of doing something in smaller terms it’s easier to just DO. For example, sometimes if I sit down to write a blog post I can make it harder than it needs to be…it’s an “official blog post” and it has to be perfect to hit publish.

If that sounds familiar, something I do is to write an Instagram caption about that topic instead.  It seems smaller, less official, less stressful and like I can just start typing and see what comes out.  It’s like having a conversation with yourself that you can go back and edit later.

Do that with your business.  Start small and just try something.  If you mess up, no ones buys your offer, or you get crickets on social media, or whatever…congratulate yourself!  You’ve learned something that you can now apply to your brand to move your business forward! Yippee! Try again.

Don’t let fear stop you from putting yourself out there and giving it a try.  You know how you tend to figure out what you don’t want before you know exactly what you do want?  [insert flashback montage of all the guys you dated before you found your man]  

Your brand is exactly the same.  See what doesn’t work, see who it doesn’t resonate with.  Learn. Then, the clarity will come for what DOES work in your business, and who DOES want what you offer. 

Need a little mid-read boost of inspiration?  Our gal pal, Rachel Hollis, says in her new book Girl, Stop Apologizing - “There is so much untapped potential inside people who are too afraid to give themselves a chance.”

Remember to give yourself and your business a chance!


Here’s a branding myth: you’ve figured out your brand strategy with 100% clarity, and it’s done.  Whew! You can put it away on your shelf with your LegalZoom binder that you only pull out every once in awhile to reference your EIN number.  NO!

Let me give you the facts, ma’am: Your brand EVOLVES. Your brand is a living, breathing thing you must nurture and cultivate.  You can’t put it away and let it get dusty because you’re always going to be learning new things from your audience about their motivations, desires and challenges that will help you make your business even better.


Yep, I’m talking to you!  Whenever you get frustrated with your lack of clarity in your brand, you start scrolling Instagram or looking at other business owners’ Facebook groups.  Then, you start comparing. Why are they crushing it and I’m not? How do they get so many engaged followers and the only consistent interactions I get are from my Aunt Vicki and my mom?

You cannot compare where you are in your business to others who are 5, 10 or 20 steps ahead of you.  They had to start somewhere, too, and they also had those same growing pains you may be feeling.

Some tips to get you moving forward without the entrepreneurial black hole of comparison that is a waste of time:

  • Stop following people on social media who make you feel “less than” or bad about where you are in your business. Just stop consuming that content.
  • Choose to follow people and brands that lift your spirits, inspire you and motivate you to figure things out and keep moving forward


You’re not ready to move your business forward because you don’t know how to talk about it succinctly and clearly and you don’t want to make a bad impression to start.  Let me tell you where to begin: Lead with your heart!

When you speak from your heart about why you started your business and why you care about the thing you do for the people you serve, you can’t fail.  Speaking your truth and showing your passion for what you do always connects. And, that is what branding is all about, my friend!

What’s the saying?  CLEAR EYES. FULL HEARTS.  CAN’T LOSE.

Keep that in mind as you move your business forward.


You’ll probably never feel 100% ready.  You’re in good company, because I guarantee most entrepreneurs feel a mix of nervous energy, fear and absolute excitement for the amazing journey they’re embarking on.  

If you’re feeling like this, it’s because this really matters to you.  You care. Channel that energy and use it as momentum to begin. Don’t let your purpose, your passion, or your business idea that could make such a positive impact stay locked in your head, never to be shared with the world.  

Read this quote daily to inspire you to keep moving forward…and remember, I already believe in you.


“What if I fall?  Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?”  



Hilary Hartling

After spending 15 years marketing movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Touchstone and Dreamworks, helping launch multi-million & billion-dollar franchises, and managing global brands with fiercely loyal fans, Hilary Hartling has a deep knowledge and innate skill in growing and leveraging strategic brands. Hilary made the leap from corporate to founding BRANDPOLISH CO. to apply her experience to help others create inspired brands with positive impact. She’s on a mission to help visionary entrepreneurs and business leaders move their audiences by refining their brands to create powerful engagement and intentional growth.