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I’m a communicator. I’ve coached hundreds of people in their communication skills. No matter who you are engaged with, there are some constants that can be applied. I specifically work with people on their communication with the media in all forms. Whether it’s for TV, print, the internet or a dinner party or networking event, the principals are the same. Here’s what I’ve learned about the importance of being clear and choosing your words carefully.

Your words carry power. Just saying them out loud and with emotion can change what happens to you in the world. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. When you’re in a funky place, haven’t you noticed how the funkiness just keeps spreading? You get cut off in traffic, spill your soy latte on that perfect white shirt and get beat into every parking space you see.  On the other hand, when you know that you are feeling good and appreciating all that you have in your life, you generate more. More smiles. More money. More flow. It’s the way the Law of Attraction works.

When it comes to your words, be aware of what you are saying and how you are speaking. First, consider your intention. If you want to create something, don’t come from the place of “I know this is impossible, but…” as that just ensures the impossibility of it. Find a way to speak of what you want as if it already exists. I know it will feel awkward at first, but you are rewiring your neural pathways to open them up to a positive flow rather than getting in your own way by being careless with how you describe something.  And you’re putting it out there into the Universe! Instead of saying “I hate to talk to that person at the party,” try “I feel great about the new ways we relate to each other at the party. It’s fun.” And then, muster up some great feelings to back it up. Instead of “I never have enough money,” try “I am so abundant in so many ways and I’m always supported by the Universe.”

These aren’t messages I’ve made up. There are teachers from religions and belief systems all over the planet who teach this. One I love to read and listen to is Abraham-Hicks. I like to start the morning by listening to Abraham on YouTube. And Mike Dooley’s Notes from the Universe, always puts me in a positive and inspired mood. If you haven’t signed up already, give it a try at (Tut stands for Totally Unique Thoughts.) I find that starting my day with inspiration is a much better way than listening to the news first thing in the morning. I give myself some time to tap into the graciousness of the Universe before I look at what’s happening in this reality.  And in this political cycle, a news diet is a beautiful thing. Not that I’m suggesting you avoid the news altogether, just try to curb your consumption. Your brain processes everything and keeping yourself in a positive place is a much healthier way to go.

And, finally, before you speak, about anything, here are the three questions I suggest you ask:

Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?

If the answer to any of those is “no,” then don’t say it.  By applying these questions, you clean up your vibration and start feeling better and having more fun and being more joyful. Try it. Really. Just try it.  I believe the results will be very clear.

Happy communicating!

EvolveHer Community Guest Writer: Ramey Warren, Founder of Media Savvy Plus

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