Breakfast and Learn: Clean Up Your Gut



When you think about spring cleaning, you probably think about your counters, your closets, your cabinets, and maybe, if you're really outside of the box, your digital devices. But for this month's breakfast-and-learn, we're giving a MAJOR twist to spring cleaning by partnering with mēle and wellness chef Alia Dalal to talk about cleaning up your gut health.

From kombucha to probiotics, gut health is a major part of wellness these days, but it's also one of the most confusing areas to try and decipher. Should I be taking a probiotic? Why does my tummy sometimes feel like I just ingested an entire catering tray of burritos, but all I had was a salad? How does my gut health affect my entire body? Is this one instance where having bacteria is a good thing?

What to expect from this Breakfast-and-Learn

On 4/18, we'll head to evolveHer in River North to get the answers to these burning questions. We'll bring in Chef Alia Dalal to give us the lowdown on all things gut health. During this morning workshop, you'll learn the basics of gut health and digestion from a holistic health perspective (including traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda), and we'll focus on giving you actionable steps and foods to add into your everyday nutrition for the healthiest gut ever.

And to start our day off on the best note possible, we'll have coffee and light bites from Foxtrot and mēle on hand.

About mēle

mēle is a balanced meal in a shake made of real freeze-dried fruits, veggies, nuts, and protein. The company's proprietary formulas provide the optimal balance of complex carbs, healthy fats, fiber, and omegas, which collectively boost productivity, promote gut health, and decrease hunger. It's non-GMO, soy-free, and preservative-free—plus no added sugar. They'll be bringing their three flavors—Supergreen, Rawberry, and Cocoa-nut—for you to try out. Their shakes are easy to make by mixing a mēle packet with 8 ounces of water in a shaker bottle. Mix, shake, and go!

Get the details for this Breakfast-and-Learn!

When? Thursday, April 18 from 7-8 am

Where? evolveHer, 358 W. Ontario St. #3W Chicago, IL 60654 in River North

What do I need to bring? Just yourself, unless you’d like to also bring paper and a pen to take notes with! We won’t be getting sweaty at this event.

How do I snag a ticket? Right here, thanks for asking!