Digital Interviews: Presenting Your Best Self Online & Over The Phone

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About This Event 

Hosted by General Assembly

With most interviews starting on the phone, and many doing early stage interviews via webconferencing, establishing your best self early is vital to the interview process. That being said, most people don't realize how they come across through most digital mediums.

This lesson will not only give an overview of pitfalls when interviewing online, but also helpful tips and tricks for presenting your best self through the phone or online.


By the end of the webinar you will:

  • make a great digital first impression!
  • know how to set your environment for not only your best self to shine, but so that it isn't visually distracting to others.
  • get your personality across through a webinar or phone setting in a way that emphasizes your strengths.

About the Instructor

Erin Ford Photo

Sr. Manager, Student Experience & Outcomes,
General Assembly

Originally hailing from Florida, Erin Ford has been living and working in the Austin market for a decade. Having served at two corporations as a Director of Training and Employee Development, she transitioned to the tech industry in 2015, working with UX and development roles for the digital creative firm Vitamin T. Beginning in 2018, she joined the General Assembly team as the campus Career Coach and has enjoyed being able to help coach the next generation of Austin technical talent. Having recently been promoted to Sr. Manager, Student Experience & Outcomes, she now oversees the entirety of the student lifecycle at GA!