EvolveHer provides access to professional and personal development resources, tools and events to help women advance in life & career.
The EvolveHer community is made up of a diverse group of women who believe in the power of sharing knowledge to help create a more equitable future. Whether you're looking to evolve your career, learn a new skill, advocate for your team or pivot your business, the EvolveHer community is here to help shorten the path to success and help you activate your full potential.

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Why do I need to "apply" for a membership? 

EvolveHer is on a mission to bring together people committed to advancing humanity and sharing knowledge/tools to create a more equitable future. 

The application process allows us to ensure our members are mission aligned with our vision and committed to advocating for their self & others. 

Can I upgrade my plan?

Of course! Members have the ability to upgrade or downgrade within their profile in the member portal. 

How do I know if I've been accepted?

EvolveHer reviews applications on a weekly basis and will notify applicants as soon as we can. EvolveHer reserves the right to request additional information or to deny any application.

What is the cancellation policy?

Month to month members can cancel at any time and can view the full cancellation policy in the member portal. Month to month memberships are not pro-rated and you will not be refunded once a payment processes. 

Annual memberships are billed up front annually and are not refunded if you decide to cancel at any point. 

Will the physical space open back up post-COVID?

EvolveHer closed the physical location, however we can't wait to reconnect at our live events at our partner venues post-COVID. The safety of our staff and members is our #1 priority so we're hosting virtual events for the near future.