Business Inspiration
04/13/2021 - 1:00 PM

Your Story is Your Superpower: How To Own Your Story & Speak Without Fear

In this masterclass, Sally Lou Loveman, the former audience producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show will share her techniques for powerful communication...

Business Mindset
04/15/2021 - 12:00 PM

Next-Level Leadership: Skills & Mindsets Leaders Need In 2021 & Beyond

On a mission to revolutionise the way we approach leadership, award-winning entrepreneur and business leader, Jackie Fast, will talk to Alicia...

Business Finance
04/28/2021 - 1:00 PM

Harness the Power Of Connection To Negotiate Fearlessly

Mori Taheripour, Global Negotiations Expert, will be in conversation with Alicia Driskill to discuss the significance of bringing your whole,...