DyMynd Angels Fund Her Bootcamp



Give a woman a fish and you feed her for a day; teach a woman to fish and you feed her for a lifetime. Transform the industry and everyone wins.

DyMynd Angels is providing HER with the Tools to make an Angel Investment Decision. She then is impacting the community with HER Investment.

DyMynd Angels presents a one-day bootcamp filled with a rigorous curriculum to provide you with the tools necessary to become an informed angel investor. This immersive experience is designed for busy people.

The Fund Her Bootcamp is a one of a kind experience. You will learn: who the participants in the ecosystem are, difference between an angel and VC, how to vet an early stage business, what to look for in the team, why competition and market size matter, how is the deal structured, difference between equity and convertible notes, how to value a startup with no track record, dilution after successive rounds, what percentage will you own upon exit, managing a portfolio of investments, listen to 2 pitches and vote for the company you would back.

Our modules will be taught by industry experts currently active in the ecosystem, you will learn best practices and hear how these experts think about their investments.


  1. Introduction into the Ecosystem Sonia Nagar, Partner at Pritzker Group Venture Capital
  2. Due Diligence Where's The Deal? Lally Doerrer, Managing Director and Corporate Officer Kaizen, Inc.
  3. What's The Risk? Donna Howe, Founder and CEO at Windbeam Risk Analytics, LLC
  4. Deal Terms,Due Diligence and Negoiation J Skyler Ferandes, Venture University
  5. Dealmaker v. Deal Breaker Panel Kristin Fox, Founder FoxInspires, Inc.
  6. Angel Building Blocks With Real World Applications Samara Hernandez, MATH Venture Partners
  7. Hearing & Evaluating the Pitch (2 Part Interactive Session) Jane Abitanta, Founder and Principal, Perceval Associates, Inc.

After the May 11th all day session bootcamp attendees will have an opportunity to join a Peer Advisory Investment Councils facilitated by Kristin Fox, FoxInspires LLC and Laleen Doerrer, Kaizen, Inc for an additional fee $795.00. The Peer Advisory Investment Councils are small groups (6 -8 like-minded women) who will combine their life expereinces and skills, along with investment knowledge gained from the DyMynd Angels Fund Her Bootcamp and guest experts, to begin making investments in local women entrepreneurs. Each member will bring her unique perspective to the table to help source, vet and invest $8,500.00 per group from the DyMynd Angel Fund in a single entrepreneur's company. It will be a group decision and in the end they will have collectively become a cohort of Angel Investors making the decision on the investment themselves, they literally will have Voted the Money. They will have learned to fish!

About Dymynd Angels

Imagine a world in which investing in her is more than the size of the check, it is the power of our collective impact.

DyMynd Angels empowers the female funder to get involved in the entrepreneurial space and disrupt the way in which female entrepreneurs access capital. This is a new initiative to develop a pipeline for female angel investors. This is the evolution of #womenfundingwomen. 

Through Angel Hour networking events, dynamic educational Membership Circles, and Angel Investing Bootcamp Intensives, DyMynd Angels will provide an opportunity for each woman to contribute to a collective fund, clarify her role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and become comfortable and confident Female Funders. This our Angel Evolution. 

For more information about DyMynd Angels and the 1920 Vote Your Money Campaign visit www.DyMynd.com. Join us and close the $97.10 funding gap for female Founders!