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About Event

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to better craft your brand story or a business leader ready to take the next big step in your professional career, this branding workshop will provide you with the step-by-step instruction and evergreen resources to tell your unique story in a compelling way. Join Lofti brand strategy expert, Karianne Wardell, who will share the multimillion-dollar concepts she used to help craft the world’s strongest, most recognizable brands.

From real estate movers and artistic makers to sales professionals and thought leaders, we have helped hundreds of driven individuals craft messaging in a hyper-strategic way that resonates with prospective clients, leads to new business opportunities and opens doors that were once only ajar.

This workshop is perfect for anyone who is:

  • Feeling a bit unfocused, you have great ideas but they are all over the place and you are looking for a process to help you create a clear message for your personal or business brand.

  • The idea of “networking” makes you cringe, you want a better way to talk about your career or small business - in a way that doesn’t feel "salesy".

  • Not sure where to start, when it comes to marketing yourself or your business you question, “am I even doing this the right way?”

  • Looking for smarter ways to talk about yourself professionally, in an authentic way, that integrates more of who you are with the professional you.

  • Ready for your next big gig, to dive boldly into the world of entrepreneurship or want to increase revenue for your small business and know your big vision needs the right language.

Your Takeaways:

  • Lofti’s proven process to improve storytelling to drive your career and/or business growth in 2019.

  • An easy-to-follow guide to help you update LinkedIn, social media content, and website copy that speaks to your audience and/or prospective clients.

  • Create your unique brand story to differentiate during networking events and on social media.

  • Confidence in your professional story so networking becomes a tool to achieve career and/or business goals.

What to Expect:

In this two hour session, we’ll start by helping you identify where you’re headed professionally--empowering you to tell a story that is both aspirational and grounded in your experience. Next, we’ll get to know your audience – going beyond simple demographics to better understand what they think, feel and believe. Finally, we’ll put it all together with a positioning statement and unique set of brand values that will set the foundation for crafting strategic and memorable content for your brand. If you are ready to craft the language to tell your unique and authentic story, this course is the perfect guide.


What Lofti Workshop Attendees Tell Us:

"Before the workshop I was unfocused, I had a lot of ideas that were all over the place. The exercises focused my branding, I created a story to set myself apart and get my brand out there." - David, Real Estate Agent

"Thinking about the visual aspects of my brand was daunting to me. I would spend time staring at Instagram, trying to figure out what to post, when to post. Now, I'm really excited to get home and get to work practicing these principles." - Amina, Author

"Before the workshop, I felt like I didn't know what my brand story was or what talking points I had to bring to the table. After taking the course, I feel great because Karianne makes you realize what you're already doing right and how you can improve." - Adrianne, Entrepreneur

"Karianne puts a personal spin on marketing, which allows artists to find their authentic brand. I feel more confident and less intimidated thanks to her clear explanations and creative approach." - Maria, Freelance Musician

“Working with Karianne helped me streamline my professional story, within 30 days of working with her, I had two amazing interviews and landed my dream job” - Jenny, Brand Manager

About Your Instructor

Karianne Wardell is a Chicago-based marketing strategist, education and professional speaker with 15 years of brand leadership experience in the creative industry. Over the course of her career, Karianne has led branding, digital marketing, advertising strategy and execution for some of the world's biggest brands including State Farm, Hewlett-Packard, and GE. She facilitated consumer marketing campaigns as a Vice President, Digital at Weber Shandwick, a global communications firm and in 2017, launched Lofti to help small business owners navigate the complex world of branding.

In the last 18 months, Karianne has coached over 250 leaders and entrepreneurs through private consulting and facilitated branding workshops in London and throughout the U.S.


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