Negotiating Salary 101: Let’s Put Money in Your Pocket!

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About This Event

Salary negotiations can feel overwhelming and confusing. But it doesn’t have to!

Let’s walk through 5 basic steps and tips you can use to make negotiations a simple and routine part of a successful career journey.  

About The Latinista:
Have you ever felt like you were lacking the right tools, resources or necessary skills that could help take your career or business to the next level?

The Latinista was founded in 2012 with the mission of helping women like you invest in their career development through dynamic workshops. Today we offer a series of skill-building, activity driven, hands-on sessions, specifically designed to help you identify and sharpen those career and business skills required to achieve your ultimate goals.

About Wager:
We create spaces for transparent, informative, and healthy salary conversations. We work with individuals via consultations, webinars, and group workshops to develop successful salary and career strategies and offer step-by-step guidance on determining a person’s market worth. We also work with companies to bring curated workshops and salary conversations to the workplace. More conversations means less tension, higher retention and a happy workforce. 

About our speaker:
Cynthia Medina Carson is an Executive Recruiter, Talent Consultant, and Leadership Coach with over fifteen years of management experience. Cynthia started Wager because she saw firsthand how the lack of salary information created unnecessary information barriers and anxiety in the workplace for both women and men. Professionals and executives kept asking the same question, “Who can I ask about salaries?”

Prior to her move into the talent field, Cynthia worked as an international relations and policy expert for the Department of Treasury, Homeland Security and JP Morgan, and served in Peace Corps, Nicaragua. Cynthia is also the Founder of the Cheeky Monkey Club, a networking group for women who hate to network, is a Board member of her hometown’s Girls Inc., and hosts a makerspace in her basement studio. She is a graduate of Georgetown University and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.