Learn How to Scale Customer Support from Growing Small Business ChowNow

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About This Event

Companies who invest in creating cohesive experiences see a 45% increase in customer retention*. So it’s easy to see why small & growing businesses are rapidly changing to keep pace with the evolving customer expectations. In today’s digital age, this means providing support wherever their customers are. So whether that’s messaging services, web chat, social channels, or even self service portals, they need a solution that will help them quickly scale to support their customers.

Salesforce Service Cloud, part of the Customer 360, provides small & growing businesses the tools they need to stay connected with their customers across all channels. Join us today to learn how small business Trailblazer, ChowNow, used Salesforce to decrease their average support call wait time by 50% and reduce their average case handle time by 33%.

*Salesforce, State of Service

Featured Speakers:

Shandy Linley, Director of Customer Support, ChowNow
Mala Ravi, Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce