Secrets to Goal Setting for Women Leaders

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 About this Event

We all know it’s important to set goals, but why is successful goal setting often the difference between a good career and a GREAT one? As we return to our new work environments, how can we make goal setting a genuine habit and leverage it as a stepping stone to promotion?

Find out in a live conversation facilitated by the founder of PepTalkHer, Meggie Palmer. We’ll hear best practices from “goal getters” Nabiha Syed, President of The Markup, and Emma Chalwin, SVP of Marketing at Salesforce. Learn their helpful habits, along with a few behind-the-scenes secrets of top female leaders from small businesses and enterprises alike.

Behavior scientist Neela Saldanha will also join to delve into why our brain wiring often derails us. Find out how to avoid this trap and put in place a system to build accountability.

Featured Speakers:

Meggie Palmer, Founder & CEO, PepTalkHer
Nabiha Syed, President, The MarkUp
Neela A. Saldanha, Senior Advisor, Busara Center for Behavioral Economics
Emma Chalwin, SVP, AMER Marketing, Salesforce