She Day


Join Us For SHE Day!

SHE Day is your answer to balanced hormones, individualized nutrition, and better health. We know that you want to feel good, cut through the confusion, and show up as your best self. To do that, you need a better way to approach your wellness: come to SHE Day and be inspired to take your nutrition, movement, and mindset to the next level in an inspiring community! 

During this one-day wellness conference, you'll takeaway:

  1. You deserve to feel amazing (we all ignore too many symptoms and just deal with them or stop seeking answers when a doctor tells us it’s all in our heads - not cool) and your body is meant to thrive!
  2. Your body really does talk to you and it’s time to tune in and listen again, because your body is so unique that you really do need to DO YOU in order to feel your best!
  3. You’ll learn the latest information for how you should be eating to support balanced hormones, gut health, increase your energy, get better sleep, and how to get sneaky chemicals out of your home that are affecting your health, plus so much more!
  4. It all happens in the most inspirational, non-judgmental way because we’re here to encourage you that small, incremental changes can make a radical difference on your health over time!

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About She Changes Everything 

Different heights, different eye colors and face shapes, different Heather+Young+and+Jennifer+Klotz, different that most people don't guess that we are sisters! But we share one important thing in common: we both contracted chronic Lyme and its co-infections (at different times...what are the odds?) and had to learn the hard way that everything we do affects our health and healing isn't one-size-fits-all. 

It shattered our naivety about the influence the world around us has on our health and cast a paralyzing spotlight on much we can't control. But don't worry, this story has a positive end! Because our journey opened our eyes to how many good things we can control every day - along with the unexpected surprise that what usually is in the best interest of our health almost always positively effects the quality of life of others and the health of the planet.

And that's where SHE was born.  

SHE stands for Sustainable, Healthy, & Ethical (SHE) and over the last 10 years we learned that sustainable, healthy, and ethical choices are intertwined and can change EVERYTHING… for the planet (sustainable), for you and your well-being (healthy), and for other people who grow your food and make the products you use every day (ethical).  Learn more here.