Start Up Clinic: Innovation as a Learned Behavior with Karen Bartuch


Start Up Clinic- Innovation as a Learned Behavior with Karen Bartuch

Join DePaul faculty and Chief Customer Officer at SipScience, Karen Bartuch, for this workshop on unlocking your inner innovation.

About this Event

Innovation as a Learned Behavior

There is a greater demand for innovation today. For companies, it is table stakes for a competitive advantage, long term growth and customer satisfaction. For individuals, it sets you apart and could mean exponential financial gain. But some companies and people are just better at it than others, right? Wrong!

Unlock your inner innovator at this session and learn more about the science of creativity and innovation and practical tips on how to incorporate it into your daily lives.

Startup clinics aim to connect students, alumni, and community members with entrepreneur clinicians specializing in startup stages of launch and growth. All are welcome.

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