Stop Dieting & Start Healing: A healthier Approach to Eating & Weight Loss


Stop dieting and start healing - A healthier approach to eating and weight loss

How many times have you started and stopped a diet (sometimes the same diet) with little to no success? Most dietary programs are very restrictive and focus on a template approach: one size fits all. We all are unique and therefore require custom dietary plans to meet our individual goals.

Template based approaches have one huge issue: they are not designed for you. They don’t take into consideration your past dieting history, your recent blood test results, any food allergies that you may have etc.

Join me on Saturday February 9th, 2019 at 1pm CST to discover ways to start listening to your body, its needs and the best protocol for YOU moving forward as it relates to your health and well being.

Providing your body with the proper amount of fuel (food) and supplementation can yield amazing, long lasting results!

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12:45pm: Doors open and Kitchfix snacks served

1 - 1:45pm: Seminar

1:45 - 2pm: Q&A


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