The Awakening Woman with Michelle Delegat


About This Event

Women are at a turning point in history.  Across the globe we’re feeling the call to be bigger, reach higher, become bolder and expand further. As we embrace the desire for more, we’re realising the old ways of getting what we want don’t work anymore. 

We want to create, we want to contribute, we want nourishing relationships, more vibrancy, more love in ourselves and for our bodies, and to make money doing values-aligned work.  Instead we find ourselves struggling.  Struggling to gain clarity, struggling to gain traction, to find balance, meet our own needs, embrace our true selves, claim our power and breakthrough old habits of behaviour and patterns of thought.

In this talk I’ll take you through the dynamics of awakening and the process of stepping into your true authentic power.  I’ll help you understand the source of your current struggle and the impact survival patterns are having on your life and work.  It’s time to go beyond the limits you’ve learned, dissolve your inner glass ceiling and become the woman you’re destined to be

The struggle you feel is a healthy one.  It’s the start of an internal uprising into your true authentic power.