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How Twice As Good Is Empowering Networking Opportunities For Black Women

Twice As Good powered by AllBright launches online

Hear from creator Christina Okorocha about the need for more networking opportunities for black women and how to get involved.

Whether you love it or loathe it, there’s no denying the importance of networking for our careers. Not only does it open us up to new contacts, ideas and skills, it’s also crucial for finding new job opportunities – in fact, 50-80% of job roles are thought to be filled through networking...

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EvolveHer + AllBright

Building a global community for women in business.

We know that women are powerful, and we also know that women can be even more powerful when they come together. We are thrilled to announce EvolveHer is joining forces with AllBright, a global community for women in business. This partnership allows us to level up our platform and bring you MORE events, MORE content and MORE access to tools & leaders around the world to help shorten the path to success.