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Pivot Me Podcast-1

Pivot Me with April Garcia

How to Transition From C-Suite to Entrepreneur, Alicia Driskill Visionary Leader and Speaker


April sits down with Alicia to discuss how she left a high profile and lucrative role in entertainment and media to create her own business and movement with EvolveHer. 

She explains how her transformation from corporate to entrepreneurship began after the loss of her dad and an encounter with a homeless person.

Listen in to learn how to boldly shift your identity from your corporate title to entrepreneur after transitioning. You will also learn the importance of documenting your wins to boost your confidence and having a community to support you in your entrepreneurial journey. 

Sarah Jakes Roberts

Sarah Jakes Roberts - The Revolution Tour

Awaken the revolutionary woman within you!

Prepare to fight through the personal, emotional, and spiritual obstacles holding you back from evolving to your highest potential. Align with your faith through practical tools, do the work and embrace connection through the sisterhood.

  • June 24th - Detroit, MI
  • June 25th - Chicago, IL
  • June 26th - Indianapolis, IN
  • June 27th - Nashville, TN

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Amie Fitt

Sparro Designs

"EvolveHer has introduced me to a community of exceptional and talented women who have provided support, generously shared knowledge and helped to motivate me every single day to be better and keep going!! The events and workshops have been key to helping me stay creative and connected while I navigate life as an entrepreneur and continue to grow my business."

Lori Lefcourt


"The best investment we've made in our company. Alicia and her staff make you feel at home with all of your business + life needs. Being an entrepreneur can be very lonely but the amount of business connections, partnerships and resources we've acquired from EvolveHer has been fantastic including PR, digital media, copywriters, and social media and more. I've also enjoyed the networking events, panels, and classes on different business verticals that we need help with but can't afford to pay a full time person for. Alicia also just happened to find the most talented young women to help her build out the EvolveHer network. From the moment you connect you know this is a community where you belong!"

Becky Carroll


This is a beautiful space coupled with amazing programming. It's much more than co-working though - it's really a community for women to engage and develop themselves professionally and personally. I feel so productive when I'm here!