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EvolveHer Unpacked Podcast

Episode 6 featuring Cheryle Jackson

Amanda and Alicia sit down with powerhouse Cheryle Jackson, former SVP of Global Business Development and President of AAR Africa for AAR & CEO and Founder of Grit and Grace, The Movement. Cheryle shares the importance of balancing grit with grace especially when faced with life's hardest moments.

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EvolveHer Unpacked Podcast

With Alicia Driskill and Amanda Chin, former digital marketing executives

EvolveHer Unpacked is a podcast where Alicia and Amanda sit down with female entrepreneurs, executives and disruptors as they share the untold life stories that ultimately helped define their success.

Amie Fitt

Sparro Designs

EvolveHer has introduced me to a community of exceptional and talented women who have provided support, generously shared knowledge and helped to motivate me every single day to be better and keep going!!

The events and workshops have been key to helping me stay creative and connected while I navigate life as an entrepreneur and continue to grow my business.

Lori Lefcourt


Being an entrepreneur can be very lonely but the amount of business connections, partnerships and resources we've acquired from EvolveHer has been fantastic.

We even launched a huge 200+ person launch party at the space in our first month and people are still talking about the positive vibes from the space and the people.

Becky Carroll


This is a beautiful space coupled with amazing programming. It's much more than co-working though - it's really a community for women to engage and develop themselves professionally and personally. I feel so productive when I'm here!

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