Girl Get Out of Your Head: Getting Over Mom Guilt 

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The Power of Saying No

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Reignite Passion For Your Career

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Is Breathing the New Power Pose?

Take a moment to acknowledge the power of your breath. From projecting over a crowd at a noisy networking event to helping you release a long sigh...

Whitney's Women: Coping with mental stress

As we learn how to navigate this new "normal" we're all living in amid the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are experiencing increased feelings of...

The Art of Soul Care - Rituals to Nourish the Light Within

The soul is the harmony underneath the shell of the body and mind. Nourishing the soul allows for wellness through wholeness. How? When you align...

Your Inner Innovation Lab: Unleash Your Creativity Through Meditation

Today’s modern machines are shifting jobs away from humans. But even though AI can process and synthesize data at lightning speeds, it can’t ideate....

The Secret to Instantly Decrease Stress

Top performers have one thing in common: their ability to balance emotion in times of stress. For those of us living in a fast-paced, urban, always...

My First Full Blood Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse, & Women’s Gathering

As someone who carries crystals around with me on a daily basis, and has my “go to” tarot reader on speed dial, I’ve never been one to shy away from...

Astrology Apps for the Modern Woman

Like millennial pink and wide legged jeans, astrology is back in fashion. In an article for The Atlantic, Lucie Greene, the worldwide director of J....

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